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Appshare Settings

Appshare Settings

The Appshare Settings screen contain the settings pertaining to the device and the user and also contain appshare version information.

Appshare Version Information

In the Settings screen, select the first Module option to access release information for the currently loaded Application.

Appshare Language Selection method

Use the Language selectors to control whether to use a different language, and whether the language preference to be used is found in the underlying ERP system or is controlled by the Appshare preference.

Appshare Auto Connect

Appshare is able to store passwords of specific connections and then allows to auto connect to these connections without having to enter a username and password. Click the Autoconnect bar to enter the screen to maintain stored passwords:

Appshare stored passwords

To add stored passwords to this list, use the Store Current button on top of the screen. Enable Autoconnect to in the future bypass having to enter your credentials.

Slide an entry to reveal a delete button to remove the password entry.

Your user credentials are stored on your device only. This feature therefore is available per device per user only.

Appshare Stored Connections

Appshare can store specific connections made with your device. These are accessible through the Connections bar:

Appshare stored connections

The list of stored connections forms the history of connections made by your device. By swiping left a delete button is revealed to remove historic connections.

Appshare Account Validation

Appshare Account Validation

The account validation screen is accessible through clicking the Account bar in the settings screen and shows all the validated connections made with the device. A validated account is a account for which a PIN code has been entered when making the initial connection.

See Logging on for the first Time.

Appshare Device Profile

Appshare Device Profile

When clicking the device bar in the settings screen, your device profile is showm.

You can enter more data about your device when required. This data is used in the device statistics.

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